Sell Your Art

How it Works

In order to sell your items in our store, you can become a consignor or join our co-op and become a member by filling out our Member Application. There is an initial $15 processing fee, and a $100 deposit to become a member. After you choose your member level all members receive 100% of the sale price of any work sold along with other great member benefits. Paychecks are issued monthly. If you are not a member of Twisted, your commission will range between 60-70% depending on your volunteer contribution.

Consignment Process

Artists interested in selling work at TWISTED or MADE: Please take the time to read all of the information posted here about submitting work.
We keep the consignment process simple:

  • Step 1– Tell us about you and your work
  • Step 2– Submit your inventory, label products then bring them to us.
  • Step 3– Wait for your check.

Step 1:

We personally love art—lots of different types of art. But we discovered long ago that just because we love it doesn’t mean it will sell well from our shop. So we have learned to look every potential consignment over prior to accepting it. We preview everything to ensure we are the best option to sell your goods.

Please fill out the Artists Profile online form where you will:

  • Provide us with some contact information
  • Provide us a description of the items you want to consign
  • Submit your request
  • Email your photos to and we will look them over ASAP
We will get back to you with the items we can accept and a suggested price range that we believe the item will sell for. You will set the final prices on each piece when the item is received in our store, so please price accordingly based on your percentage.

Step 2:

Once approved, we put our marketing machine to work and display your items in our showroom for 180 days.

If your work is accepted into the shop, use our Online Inventory Form to create an inventory sheet. Print it out and/or email it to

All work should be labeled with the artist’s name & price upon arrival.  Remember, when labeling your work, incorporate your business/gallery/store name into the label so that people can contact you about your work should they have questions or want more work from you (business cards work great).

Call/message the shop and schedule an appointment. This is particularly helpful if you have a large number of items you need to consign. One of our consignment specialists can meet you and discuss your items with you in person and figure out a placement for your goods.

Step 3:

Once we have reached an agreement, we will sign a Consignment Agreement outlining our promise to you. Unlike other consignment options that you may have known, we maintain a “haggle-free” atmosphere and we do not request an exclusivity clause. We do not “negotiate” price reductions outside the scheduled markdown period without your approval. We honor our contract with you, our consignee.

In addition to our local showroom, we are working on an online presence and have an active social media program, all working together to get your items sold quickly, and for the best possible price.

As a member, when your item sells we give you 100% of the sale price and then combine all your payments into one monthly payment, and mail you a check for your share once each month. Or, you can use your consignment earnings immediately to purchase items in our store.  If you are not a member of Twisted, your commission will range between 60-70% depending on your volunteer contribution.

For more information please contact us through our email form.

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