Amazing Photobooth Photography: Available NOW at Twisted!

Twisted Cowork has officially established a space for you to photograph all your artwork and/or products!

Your creations deserve the maximum exposure, and Twisted can provide you a studio perfect for photographing your products. Optimize your advertisement or showcase by utilizing this photobooth: for artists in Bloomington and beyond!

If you are not a member, please contact if you would like more information on use of the space.

Captain Janeway Monument: NEW Unveiling Date Announced!

Located right here in Bloomington along the B-line trail, the NEW unveiling date of the Captain Janeway sculpture will occur on October 24th, 2020. Mark your calendars now, and make sure to check out the Captain Janeway Collective website to learn more about the event!

The Captain Janeway Collective partnered with Artisan Alley last year in order to honor Kate Mulgrew’s character in Star Trek: Voyager: Captain Kathryn Janeway. A bronze sculpture has been created in her name, which will be displayed on a limestone base with steel plating.

Captain Janeway’s character demonstrated humanity, determination, and leadership. She is an individual that represents the ideals and aspirations of students and citizens across Bloomington, IN. For this reason, the sculpture will be installed in close proximity to an institution of Bloomington which focuses on STEM education: the Wonderlab Museum of Science, Health, and Technology.

Although Captain Kathryn Janeway was born in Bloomington, IN on May 20th, the date was postponed due to the uncertainty of recent global events. Luckily, the Captain Janeway Collective treated us to a Janeway Birthday Surprise, a sneak peek at the sculpture itself, and more information about the unveiling date!

“Hope, [Soap, Mask, Distance], + Love”

Richelle Brown, also known as artist SotR, has brought the outside walls of Twisted Cowork a message of hope and love “to anyone in need of it during the COVID-19 saga”. The title of the mural (“Hope, [Soap, Mask, Distance], + Love”) is aimed to highlight the public health guidelines in order to protect ourselves, as well as inspire a positive message that we are not alone during this crisis.

The artist is a strong proponent of mental health awareness and self-care, as well as self-empowerment for all. Her creations ensure a wide range of emotions, through the use of distinct textures, strokes, colors, and mediums. Her work reflects edgy, street art sensibility which is accessible to all.

Check out her work at our Twisted Cowork location, and use the hashtag #MoreLoveLessHate to promote the positivity our society needs more than ever in these uncertain times.

Meet our member: Ian Douglass

Artisan Alley is excited to share more about our member Ian Douglass, who currently works out of the Twisted Cowork location at 804 W Kirkwood. He recently expanded his work into our space, which provides a great atmosphere for all things game making! 

The Wizard of Trash, or Trash Wizz, formally known as Ian Dounglass, has been constructing and painting game miniatures, terrain, and other parts for tabletop gaming since early childhood. Inspired by popular game Dungeons and Dragons, Ian has been creating, designing, and painting his own miniatures and game boards from a young age. After initial sketches, his work comes begins to come to life. From complex diagrams to choosing the color palette for a new project, the initial stages of a new project are exhilarating for Ian.

A single project can take months on end to complete, as attention to detail in game-making is crucial. Applying washes, shading, layering, and detail work require a high level of endurance and focus. Also, as any passionate artist will say, ideas for a new project can put current work on hold. The finishing layers and details of a project are described as a “blur” to Ian because seeing the final product come together is one of the most rewarding parts of his work. 

In addition to the miniature making itself, Ian tries to find materials that are environmentally friendly and affordable. In 2019, he created a 16 by 4 foot dystopian cityscape for Gen Con, and 75% of the materials used would have gone to landfills. Recently, Ian added 3D printed parts to his pieces, which are made of biodegradable filaments and plant fiber. 

Ian has been live-streaming his game making and miniature painting sessions on Twitch (and maybe Youtube, in the future) for fellow members of the gaming community. He is currently trying to expand his Twitch audience and utilizes Live streams for viewers to get an inside look at building techniques. THE Trash Wizz recently launched a series entitled “Scrapyard Saturday” on Twitch, sharing his building and creative techniques every Saturday, for example on how to make scratch building ladders that can hold infantry models mid-climb. 

Wizard Trash also has a presence on Patreon, a creative community for artists to share their work with fans and in return receive financial support. Ian’s day job keeps him stable, so all donations go directly to supplies, tools, and travel for projects. Make sure to read more about his plans and how your support could help him do things differently, bigger, and better. 

Also, be sure to show some love on the Trash Wiz Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Continuing to Support Our Members

The COVID-19 Pandemic has devastated communities and people around the globe, including those right here in local Bloomington. We know this has impacted your life in some way or another, but one thing we have in common:

We are ALL in this together. 

Artisan Alley has temporarily suspended some activities (which you can read about HERE), but our mission has not changed: Bring together local artists and the community to foster art education and support of the arts. 

Our studio spaces, resources classes, gallery, and tool library are all meant to serve the greater good of the community.

Now more than ever, we know our members need us as much as we need them.  We have helped give a home to small businesses such as Friendly Beast Cider Company, Stages Bloomington, Rosmarino Candles, groups such as The Peoples Cooperative Market, The Captain Janeway Collective, El Mercado and individuals such as Muggle Magic, The Trash Wizard, JW & Company Barbershop, Cox Art Studios and more. Over the following weeks, we will highlight our Artisan Alley members, and provide information about how you can follow and contribute to their artistry. 

Feeling generous? Make a donation to Artisan Alley HERE, so we can keep supporting those who support us. 

Stay in the loop! Make sure to find upcoming information on the Twisted Cowork website, as well as Artisan Alley Facebook and Instagram (@artisanalley812).

Meet Gigi’s Lashes!

Known as one of the most prominent eyelash-extension-experts in Bloomington, Gigi Rodriguez has been utilizing the Twisted Cowork space to build her brand, business, and clientele. She does professional eyelash extensions for anyone, open to the public today! Originally from Puerto Rico, Gigi spent much of her childhood in the outskirts of Chicago. During her middle school years, Gigi and her family decided to relocate to Bloomington, IN. Not quick to settle down after school, she traveled all over the country and lived in places such as California, Atlanta, and Las Vegas. While Gigi was residing in Atlanta, she had an unforgettable lash extension experience and desired to share this with the Bloomington community. After discovering her passion for lash extensions in Georgia, Gigi’s Lash Extensions was born in 2018.

While other lash experts constantly publish their outstanding work online, Gigi says it does not make her more competitive.

“When I see something really advanced or creative someone else has done, I am inspired to try the technique out and put my own twist on it,”

When asked about daily life in the business, the work itself truly comes from the heart for Gigi. “I like making other women feel beautiful inside and out,” Gigi said. Located on 804 W. Kirkwood, Gigi loves working out of the Twisted Cowork space. As business picks up at the studio, she is looking to personally brand products and train future employees. Gigi wants to wholesale her own products to other lash estheticians, as well as make products available for clients. 

Check out Gigi’s business here!

Meet Grace Schafstall!

Currently operating out of Twisted Cowork, Indiana native Grace Schafstall is a professional photographer and the owner of Fitzie’s Plant Boutique. Grace studied nonprofits at IU, then began honing her skills in photography to become a full-time photographer. Although she resides in Bloomington, she has traveled to many places in the State of Indiana, including her favorite venue for wedding photoshoots––The Barn at Timber Ridge in Morgan County. Along with wedding photography, Grace also does family and boudoir photoshoots, including mini sessions which you can check out on her site!

Combined with the photography business is Fitzie’s Plant Boutique, which is a new endeavor Grace is particularly excited about. The plant obsession began 2 years ago, and she now sells multiple types of plants of all sizes at the Twisted Cowork location. You can find more details about her products and plant business here!

Miniatures Workshop with the Nocturnes Gaming Guild

Miniatures Workshop with the Nocturnes Gaming Guild

Twisted – Lounge is Bloomington’s new art lounge and gamer hub. With board games, cards, a TV, and digital games in a comfortable lounge environment, Twisted is the perfect spot to game all day.

The Nocturnes Gaming Guild has started a Miniatures Workshop Miniatures Workshop to be held every Saturday from 9 am – 2 pm. This is an open environment where miniatures enthusiasts and gamers can get together and share in the most rewarding and creative aspects of their hobby.

Come with a project and whatever tools and paints you want to bring. There will be work stations, tools, brushes, and experienced hobbyists there assembling and painting kits for Warhammer, D&D, and other games.

If you are new to tabletop gaming and need some pointers for building or painting your models, the Wizard of Trash can demonstrate the basic techniques that are essential to the hobby. If you experienced and just want some company while you work on your latest project, bring it in and hobby with your fellow gamers.

The event is free and open to the public, but a small donation for Artisan Alley and Twisted for the space would be appreciated. Paper Towels, Printer Paper, or even Toilet Paper would be helpful.

New Year, New Changes

Artisan Alley is very excited to announce that we will be changing things up in the new year! We have received word from the IRS that we will be getting our federal nonprofit status very soon. With this status change comes other changes to our organization.

The IRS has let us know that we will no longer be able to do consignment for local artists. While this changes things, we can now focus our efforts toward our mission as an educational nonprofit by providing local artists with resources and space to co-work, teach classes, etc.

Twisted- Alt Art Shop will now be known as the Twisted Art Lounge. We will have our members’ art on display. People will be able to purchase work through the artist themselves as opposed to Artisan Alley being the middle man between artist and customer. Our lounge will have tables and chairs, computers, craft resources, and more! To find out more about renting the space, click here.