About Us

Twisted is a cowork and lounge located at 804 W Kirkwood in downtown Bloomington, IN. As a part of Artisan Alley, we aim to support local artists in their quest to grow their art businesses by ensuring they make connections with their clients, put their art into the world, and have a space to work. With our lounge, computers, and co-work space, we provide artists with important resources that will launch them to success in the community.

Recently, we launched a series of videos called Twisted Live Sessions that showcase the work of local musicians that do performances in our lounge space. In a post-coronavirus era, we’re excited to bring live music back to the community, and help artists by giving them a space to perform and creating videos for them and their music.

Interested in Becoming a Member?

We think you’d make a good fit! Twisted is filled with talented artists, creators, and business owners. Fill out a member application, check out our studio rental page, or send us a message to learn more.

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