Artisan Alley is excited to share more about our member Ian Douglass, who currently works out of the Twisted Cowork location at 804 W Kirkwood. He recently expanded his work into our space, which provides a great atmosphere for all things game making! 

The Wizard of Trash, or Trash Wizz, formally known as Ian Dounglass, has been constructing and painting game miniatures, terrain, and other parts for tabletop gaming since early childhood. Inspired by popular game Dungeons and Dragons, Ian has been creating, designing, and painting his own miniatures and game boards from a young age. After initial sketches, his work comes begins to come to life. From complex diagrams to choosing the color palette for a new project, the initial stages of a new project are exhilarating for Ian.

A single project can take months on end to complete, as attention to detail in game-making is crucial. Applying washes, shading, layering, and detail work require a high level of endurance and focus. Also, as any passionate artist will say, ideas for a new project can put current work on hold. The finishing layers and details of a project are described as a “blur” to Ian because seeing the final product come together is one of the most rewarding parts of his work. 

In addition to the miniature making itself, Ian tries to find materials that are environmentally friendly and affordable. In 2019, he created a 16 by 4 foot dystopian cityscape for Gen Con, and 75% of the materials used would have gone to landfills. Recently, Ian added 3D printed parts to his pieces, which are made of biodegradable filaments and plant fiber. 

Ian has been live-streaming his game making and miniature painting sessions on Twitch (and maybe Youtube, in the future) for fellow members of the gaming community. He is currently trying to expand his Twitch audience and utilizes Live streams for viewers to get an inside look at building techniques. THE Trash Wizz recently launched a series entitled “Scrapyard Saturday” on Twitch, sharing his building and creative techniques every Saturday, for example on how to make scratch building ladders that can hold infantry models mid-climb. 

Wizard Trash also has a presence on Patreon, a creative community for artists to share their work with fans and in return receive financial support. Ian’s day job keeps him stable, so all donations go directly to supplies, tools, and travel for projects. Make sure to read more about his plans and how your support could help him do things differently, bigger, and better. 

Also, be sure to show some love on the Trash Wiz Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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